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At Launch OPM:

  • We work with businesses to create, enhance and manage their online presence.
  • We build websites that are among the most visible, accessible and compatible.
  • We listen to learn what our clients want their online presence to be.
  • We help develop internet strategies and map out goals.
  • We provide the resources necessary to reach those goals.
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Integrating Social Media into Your Traditional Marketing Plan

I think most companies realize the importance of social media in the current marketplace. It is all around us and becoming a bigger and bigger part of our everyday lives. This gives companies a new, effective way to communicate with potential and existing customers. The challenge becomes in how to best integrate social media strategies with the traditional media strategies.

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TIL: Social Media Acronyms – ICYMI

Anyone who interacts with teenagers or maybe you, yourself is young enough to have experienced it first hand, knows there’s a different language out there. Some call it the “text message” language where it is perfectly okay to abbreviate, misspell or swap words with acronyms in order to text faster or hide things from parents. 

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The BEST CMS for Your Website

You want a website that performs the best.  Your customers love to visit it.  Your love to update it.  Search engines love to crawl it.  A content management system (CMS) is necessary, but how do you know which one is the best?  WordPress?  Joomla? Something else?

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Creative Services Director

Times change, and so do the ways in which we interact with the internet. In the past few years, the number of mobile internet users has surpassed those using desktop computers.

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"Our website is the central hub of all our marketing. In this tough economic time, we asked Launch to create a website that is cutting edge and easy to use. Over a year later, we are proud to say that Launch undoubtedly achieved that goal."

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